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Chloe Fullar: 2018 Robert Dover Scholarship Recipient for LYDF Midwest

Chloe Fullar: 2018 Robert Dover Scholarship Recipient for LYDF Midwest


Chloe Fullar of Saint Joseph, Michigan, is the trainer of Sophia Schults, the 2018 LYDF Midwest Grand Champion, and as such, is the recipient of the Robert Dover Scholarhip for one week of training at his Wellington base. Robert offered this scholarship to reward the trainer of the top youth rider in this competition which required a written exam, a dressage test and an equitation class, as a continued effort on his part to support the development of youth dressage.

Chloe Fullar is a USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold medalist and a Gold Freestyle Bar recipient. In recent years, two of Chloe’s students made the 2016, 2017, as well as the 2018 NAYC (formerly known as North American Junior and Young Rider Championships), a competition equivalent to the Olympics for youth. Out of four spots on the team, Chloe’s students took half. One of her students has also qualified for USDF Nationals as a Young Rider, competing against adults in the open division and placing in the top ten. Chloe has qualified multiple horses for Regional Championships over the years, including qualifying two different horses in their respective FEI divisions in their first year of FEI competition in 2017. She has also had students win multiple awards at Regionals, including the 2017 Champion Young Rider Division, 2017 Reserve Champion Young Rider Prix St George, 2017 Dressage Seat Medal Semi-Final Winner, and the 2016 Reserve Champion 3rd Level Freestyle.

Chloe has trained with numerous world renown trainers, clinicians and judges for over twenty-five years. She started her own training business over ten years ago and has brought a number of horses and riders up through the Grand Prix level.

With a deep understanding of the fundamentals of dressage, her years of dedication have given her an innate ability to read each horse and rider to bring out their potential. Chloe excels in discovering the strength of each horse through a kind way of handling and training, which has not gone unnoticed. She trains horses and disciplined riders of all levels who are looking to increase their abilities and knowledge of dressage. Through her knowledge and experience, she develops her horses physically and mentally so they are equipped to perform to the best of their ability.

For 2018, Chloe Fullar Dressage has a full show season planned, with shows throughout Region 2 and Region 3, along with several top clinicians including Dolly Hannon, Lendon Gray, and Anne Gribbons coming to her home base in Southwest Michigan.

Chloe would also like to thank her current sponsors for a successful 2017 for their continued support into 2018 including Patrick Saddlery and Stanbridge Master Saddlers, Nate Beyler with Bemer Veterinary, along with Tribute Feeds.

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